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I know exactly what you mean. I'm usually not as concerned with pork and beef as I am with chicken. You touch the chicken, put it on the counter, pick up the rub you've got to clean everything up. Some of the things I do to avoid this, or at least make it easier, are:

1.) Go to Sam's/Costco and get a 4 pak of those Clorox wipes and a 12 pak of Bounty paper towels. They're easy and they're throwaway items. I very rarely use towels because once you've touched them, they're contaminated and then after it's all over you've got to wash them.

2.) Use tongs as much as possible instead of your hands. I've gone to the $$ store and invested in a half dozen of them. Once you've used a set and you're not going to be using them again for a while, throw them in the dishwasher and get another set when you need them. If you're going to be using them in the next 5 minutes, rinse with hot water and wipe off with a paper towel.

3.) Get a helper when you're rubbing down any type of meat. That way you can rub the spice in while they're doing the sprinkling. Also, they can open any cabinets, doors, or drawers so you don't have to.

4.) While at the $$ store, pick up some plastic platters and/or serving dishes that you can use to keep the meat in overnight and while transporting to the grill. Don't wash in the sink and reuse. Just put it in the dishwasher and grab another one. Aluminum half/full size pans work well for this too and you can just throw them away instead of having to wash them.

A couple of other things I've adopted.....I'm the guinea pig. I always taste anything I've cooked long before anyone else gets to it. I've even had people ask me why and I always tell them, "Just to make sure it's good". They think I mean good tasting but I'm making that if somethings wrong with it, only one person gets sick instead of a whole group.

On using serving gloves, if I'm cooking for a bunch of strangers that I don't know, I use them. They don't know me and don't know the type of person I am, so for them to see me using my barehands is an instant turnoff. But when I'm cooking for family and friends, I have a pair of rubber gloves I use to pull the meat off the grill but when I take it inside, I usually do everything with my bare hands. Normally, this might be a problem, but they already know I have an OCD when it comes to handling food and washing my hands. I've always got someone around me either keeping me company or asking questions and I want them to understand that if I handle their food I do it with clean hands. That's why I wash and rewash every couple of minutes. If I have to sneeze or cough I go to the other side of the room....and then come back and wash my hands.

When in doubt, it's much better to be on the safe side, than to wish you had.

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