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Sounds like we read the same book on how to make a mess. I also have towels and mitts all over the pit area. The only way I keep myself in some kind of order is to use 2 seperate places. I use the granite tops on the Grill island for prep work(the cooties area) and a stainless steel table in the pit for non cootie work. I try to do my clean/ contaminated prep work seperate, get all of one done before going to the other. And grab a box of latex gloves. They come in handy.

Im surprised no one comented on this at B2.. or even used it. I keep a box of latex gloves in the food area. They come in boxes of a few hundred at costco and home depot. Come in handy for lots of stuff, especially cleaning the water pan in the bandera or sraping out the bottom of the backyard chef. I always use them when prepping ribs and chicken in the pit. If you want to go a step further, you can by a waterless antibacterial scrub that you just rub on and wipe off.

I tried 2 things to get my towel situation under control with limited success. First i mounted towel holders in the pit area(3 off them). That worked, but i wrecked alot of paper towel rolls when i was to lazy to put them away and they got caught in overnight rain. Then I went to the red "shop towels" you get at costco. in bbags of 50 and started using them. Kept a box to throw them in and then just threw them in the washing machine after I got enough for a load orr they got to grungy. Thats still works pretty good.
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