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Default Obsession vs. Cross Contamination

During prepping for a cook ... cleaning, cutting, rubbing, brining, etc. , especially fowl, it seems like I'm always picking something up then washing my hands, touching something else, then washing my hands again, DOH, forgot to... (insert brainfart here), whoops, set something down on a clean surface ... wash hands or implements or spice jar or counter again.

It's got to the point where I've even got 4 towels out at the pit area, one for uncooked sticky gunk, one for cooked sticky gunk, one for charcoal stains and one for drying ONLY after object to be dried has been through the Clorox bath (I go through a lot of Cornhuskers to keep my hands from turning into a mess.) ...And I don't even want to talk about the glove/mitt situation.

Its important to be careful about cross contamination, but I'm wondering, has anyone discovered a more efficient way to do these processes so you don't have to wash your hands or something else every time you turn around? I'm not generally obsessive/compulsive, just look at the mess in my garage, but I need a reality check. Is this too much obsessing, or is there an easier way? Thanks.
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