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IF you do a search, I have pics of my install as well. I put mine right over the catch for the deflector plate. It sits just under the grate level. That helps keep spiking due to the lid being open under control... it also helps keep it shielded from the direct heat or air, blowing up the back wall. The exhaust port mounting scares me, as I know I would sever that thermocouple loading, unloading etc.

I have very little swings in my whole hog; 10 degrees- but then I have stacks on mine, not the exhaust holes at the back anymore.

My tailgator locks in like a champ, but it is a much smaller cooker, with a double walled lid, so I would expect it to dial in nicely.

The nice thing about the digital controller is - that it compensates for the condition changes for you.... you might be cooking between medium and low on the analog, due to low wind/and sunny conditions.... but if the wind picks up and sun goes behind a cloud, you have adjust the controller to compensate. With the new controller, you no longer need to manually compensate for environmental changes. That makes it LOADS better. Well worth the money.
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