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Originally Posted by brd1958
Originally Posted by in2que
Originally Posted by brd1958

Have you seen habanero jelly around here anywhere ?

Hi Brian, can't say that I have. A lot of jalapeno jelly only. I guess we need to make it ourselves? Or maybe on-lone ordering?
Yea Jalapeno is plentiful. Will look for habanero on my next Canton trip to first Monday. With regards to on-line avg is $6 a small jar fark that. I have not seen habanero in stores maybe Central Market ? Could spend several hours in thta place just looking.
Central market has some great habaneros. I still am producing so I haven't bought any lately, but they had plenty when I went to get those Hatch chiles.

Being on Atkins I am leary of 7 cups of sugar. Put me right into a diabetic/carbohydrate coma :D I prefer an alcohol induced coma.
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