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Originally Posted by willkat98
I never unwrap. And I have mopped before hand and got a pretty bad burn. High sugar content in the sauce I used, I guess.
I've never had them burn but you bring up a good point. Guess the chef needs to be the judge of when to mop based on what mop is used. I was mopping at the 3 hour mark using that Blues Hogs rasberry cumin $hit. That stuff must be loaded with sugar, but I keep my pit temp for ribs on the low end (225 with episodes to 240 or so). I was mopping at 3 hours because I figured the wibs might dry out. I see a lot of benefit mopping at the 5 hour mark, so next time I might just spray them down real well at 3 hours, wrap for 2, then mop and rewrap for the final hour. That last hour doesn't need to be in the cooler. You can simply leave them wrapped in the cook chamber and let your fire die naturally. The ribs will continue to do their magic and be plenty hot after 1+ hours.
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