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Originally Posted by BBQ Grail View Post
You're going to need roughly 300lbs of cooks pork. (Probably lots of kids, so amount is lessened).
Do NOT count on this. Yes, there will be some kids there, maybe even a lot of kids. HOWEVER, young military 'kids' (read Airmen) will EAT A TON, and more than make up for the light eaters that may attend.

Originally Posted by BBQ Grail View Post
300 X $8.00 = $2,400.00

Where is your $2,500 in hard costs?

Even if you went with 1/4lb per person you'd need roughly 450lbs. That's roughtly 900lbs of raw pork. 900 X $1.29 per lb = $1,169.00 (I could get the pork here for $.99lb)

Maybe I'm missing something. Could you outline your costs a little for us?

Also, what would I charge? If this was a group of airmen and their families and the airmen were either leaving for Iraq/Afghastan (sp) or returning from I'd do it for the cost of the meat.
I agree with 'donating' the food for this event. IMHO it's a good cause, a worthy recipient group and a great opportunity to earn some positive 'karma' in the community. Also remember that if you do this as a 'donation' you can write it off on your business taxes, and that will help you recoup at least some of your costs.

Support the troops and get some pics of the event.
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