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Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
A quick question, and this is probably for those that have had a chance to cook on different smokers. I recently "traded" my BWS Party (dont ask a long story and a bad move on my part) and started cooking on a WSM for home use. I have noticed that my Briskets and Butts seem to plateau more often on a WSM then it ever did on my Party.

Has anyone else noticed this ??
Hey Mike!

The only two that I can vouch for is the WSM and my Spicewine, never cooked on a Backwoods....yet.

I haven't noticed much of a difference overall...but...I have had a couple of briskets and a couple of butts that never did plateau.

On both cookers.

The most recent one was a few weeks ago on the Spicewine when I had a brisket that went to 190 in about 5 hours but when I did the poke test, that thing was like a big chunk of rubber. I ended up having to take it all the way up to 213 before it would pass the poke test. Turned out really nice. Ended up getting 2 referrals from it so it must not have been too bad.

Just a thought, did you ever callibrate your therms on the BWS?
Wonder if you were cooking a bit hotter than you thought you were?

I doubt if that is the case, just a thought........

Just curious, water in the pan or dry?
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