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No---we are the stupid ones, we try and do everything legally. That is why we pay too much money for all of the permits, pay too much rent for a catering kitchen, buy too much insurance, and dilligently report every nickel's worth of business , so that we can send large checks to the California State Board of Equalization.

It is up to each individual to make their own trail. Some rules seem very idiotic, and other rules make perfect sense. I am sure that "on site" cooking rules were not written with pulled pork or brisket in mind.

I agree with OC Pig Assassins----do the best you can possibly do to conform to Health Dept regulations. I would also suggest finding a low cost commissary. You may never see an inspector----most counties are overloaded. Be prepared for an inspector to arrive at any moment, and educate yourself to answer questions properly.
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