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Default Playin' the Drums!!

It was my SILs 40th and there were alot of people from her work and circle of friends that I had never met so I was a little shy of playing the drums in front of them. The party was in full swing and the friends house was perfectly groomed when I pulled up with my old truck and unloaded my knarley old drums. I had been playing hard with them all day so they were still smokin'. I set them in a corner and went to work and it wasn't long before they got the drift of what I was doing. Pretty soon I had a chorus of guys hanging around with the usual chirps about the condition of my drums and the smarter ones bringing me ice cold beer. The butts were done first and I could sense the disappointment as I pulled the black crusty meat out of the barrel. The first guy that said "Holy truck(or close) -you BURNT them!!" I pulled a little sliver of gold off and dared him to eat it. He followed me like a puppy after that! After theyrested a bit my wife pulled the pork and showed them how to sauce it and put a shot of coleslaw on each sammich- even those who said " no no I don't like coleslaw on my meat" The seconds all asked for coleslaw!! Then the ribs met the crowd. They all loved the Cedar Grilling( involves whiskey) treatment and the 9 slabs were gone in no time.
That was the best food they had ever eaten out of a can and now there are a bunch of guys who want to learn how to build a barrel smoker.
Even tho it wasn't my best (and my best wouldn't get me a second look at a comp) it was the best Q these people had ever had. What sheltered lives they live!!!
Gotta love those drums.
My camera must have been dropped because it wont power up- I'll get some pictures from someone else!
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