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Originally Posted by willkat98 View Post
I was getting creative today, so I did a 3-2-1 variation on a Fatty

3 hours in the smoke, spraying with everything else.

2 hours wrapped in foil, sprayed before wrapping

1 hour in the cooler.

Got about 20 minutes of the 1 hour in the cooler left, but when tranfering from grill to cooler, I made a trail of juice pouring out the side.

Smelled AWESOME.

Will post results in 25 minutes :P
Anyone care to explain this in a little more detail..... IE, what is Spraying, and do you really smoke for 3 hours and then wrap in foil for 2 more hours... that seems odd, then you put it in a cooler. I WANT TO EAT IT!!!!
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