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Originally Posted by smooookin View Post
If you are doing 2 butts and a full brisket all at one time you are not allowing enough time. I would prolly start them at midnight, If they get finished too soon Which they could, you can wrap them and hold in a warm cooler for several hours. I try to figure an averager of 1 hour 15-20 minute per pound. 8 lb butt will average 10- 12 hours. I use the same rule of thumb on packers. This isn't written in stone as I have had some fly to the finish line and be ready for breakfast.
Originally Posted by smooookin View Post
^^^^ see everyone agrees.

next question?
Actually I agree as well...

To be honest, that must be some massive UDS or your really going to be packing that meat in tight (based on a full packer (12-14 pounds) and two pork butts (7-8 pounds each) comes to roughly 30 pounds of raw meat).

How many people are you expecting to feed? Based on the quantities above and figuring 1/4 pound sandwiches, you should have enough to feed roughly 60 people one sandwich each (30 pounds raw with a 50% loss = 15 pounds of meat, 15 pounds of cooked meat times 4 sandwiches per pound = 60 sandwiches). Is this the only meat you are serving or are there other items. What kind of side dishes are you serving. How many teenagers are coming (they eat twice as much as any normal human)...

I'm sorry if I'm asking to many questions, and I'm not questioning your judgment on the quantity of meat, it's just that when you pack a smoker tight like that, it does take longer to cook what is on the smoker, take it from some one that had over 200 pounds on his little Lang 60 last weekend...

On edit: I'm assuming that you have a single grate UDS, if you have a two grate unit, please ignore me... (every one else does... lol)
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