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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Well, I do tend to go to bed late, so I could conceivably meet "in the middle and start it around 1-2am without causing me too much stress... lol

I'm assuming if I can't find a decent sized brisket, my cook time could be reduced significantly on that end. I'll see what kind of meat I can grab today, and then try to plan accordingly.

Also, I probably will end up foiling the brisket for the end of the cook. The recipe I've done before called for foiling it and finishing in the oven, and then making a sauce using the drippings in the foil (along with an onion and jalapenos placed under the meat). The sauce was great, so I want to do that again anyway. (I'll cook the whole thing on the smoker, but want to capture some drippings and make the sauce.)

Any other thoughts?
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