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Default Rookie needs timing advice - UDS cook on Sunday

So... we're having people over on Sunday, and I'm planning to fire up my new UDS I put together. (I did a test fire/seasoning run on Wednesday, and it worked well.)

My previous smoking experience was limited to some (fairly) successful outings using wood chunks in an aluminum pan on a gas grill, also using a water pan as a heat diffuser. When I did this last year (for the same picnic), I got a later start than I planned, and so we ended up eating LATE...

So... this year, I figured I'd get a smoker, so I can use the grill for burgers, etc., throughout the day, and in case everything takes forever. lol My research led me to the UDS, which seemed like a better option than buying an ECB and modding it.

Anyway, I'm planning to do a brisket and 2 butts on the smoker this year. I'm honestly not sure what kind of brisket I'll be able to get - last year I ordered one from the butcher, but this year I'll be hitting Sam's Club tonight. I don't know if I can get a full packer.

My plan was to get up around 5am to start things going - is this likely enough time to have the BBQ grub ready to eat by about 6-7pm? (I know a lot of factors influence cook time, so it's hard to estimate.) I'd like to avoid what happened last year, where some people hung out all day and then never got to eat the good food... lol

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