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Originally Posted by john
The problems: they were kind of mushy, the ones I rubbed with the black So Fla were unedible. The garlic ones were edible.

What I have learned from this:

1. Do not marinate chicken boobs (what about chicken quaters? or is it chicken in general?)
2. Rubbing them a couple hours before cooking in enough
3. Know you seasoning and meat before you rub it!

Thanks guys.

first... yes u can marinade.. just be careful..

They were mushy cause ya marinaded in oil and salt.

Salt opens up the cells in the meat. Its Brining, not marinading. When the cellss open up, they absorb whatever is around them, thats why brined birds are so juicy, and take on the flavor of the brine, they absorbed the moisture into the cells. Add some flavor, like maple syrup and ya got great bird.

Oil tends to break down fat. Try soaking a piece of fat in oil over night, and the next thing ya got is mushy, nearly dissolved fat. I left a steak in oil and garlic over night and it turned into pat-tay(however you spell that).

so, you double wammy-ed. You opened up the cells to absorb.. so they absorbed oil and the chicken started dissolving. hence.. Mush.

I always marinade bonless boobs, for an hour, no more, in wishbone italian dressing, and a little additional garlic and oregano. Usually, i'll vcook them on the warming rack of my grill. make the grill hot, like 500 degrees, then put the boobs on the top warming rack and turn the burners down to low. they cook in about 20-30 mins and stay juicy.

If Im doin alot, and BBQ anyway, I'll do them in the HONDO(read.. your new Klose), done in about an hour, cook close to the heat side.

In the bandera I cook them, 3nd from bottom rack, no water pan, no more than an hour for thick ones. Turning once and spray often.
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