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anyone ever have any issues with burns going towards the open vent? i know this is prolly common sense as it's going to drive towards the fresh oxygen, but i thought i'd combat this by placing another valve (had 1 laying around) on one of the other nipples b4 getting started...

what i found was while i had an uneven burn with only 1 valve on (caps on the other 2) during a cook 2 weeks ago, i was able to maintain a 22 hr cook with the occasional adjustment to knock ash down, and temp drops that required a cap being taken off some times... and i ended up with a ton of coals left over... and then, over this past weekend i placed the other valve on, so i could get what i thought would be a "more consistent burn" and straight up ran out of charcoal 14hrs into the cook... it seems that instead of a more consistent burn, i just went thru more charcoal...

oh... and note to self... dont cook an entire rack of moinks without some sort of drip pan underneath... ooooofa... that was fun...
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