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Originally Posted by Weiser View Post
WTF is this?
Can't really call it a UDS, nor can you call it
a BDS Clone.
I'm open to all suggestions.

I experiment a bit too.
Looks like a smoker to me. A tad small, but otherwise a design I have bounced arround a couple times.

I make sausage with a group every January (referred to as Sausage Day). We are currently scaling back, but in the past we averaged over 2,000lbs of smoked sausage. They have been doing this for pretty much their entire lives - so we have plenty of members with 50-70 years of experiance.

Over the years they have varied the smoker design a few times (from a wooden smokeouse, to a smoker made out of a metal cistern. The second to last was a steel framed, plywood lined, tin clad, outhouse shaped smoker. This last year we had a pair of those with electronic controlled thermostats and electronic controlled draft. There were some issues with smoke control - but those will be worked out before next year - along with multiple sliding smoking drawers (so that opening a drawer to load will not require opening the enitire smokehouse).
The best "door" I have seen is on the extended drum, where you can lift the top part off with the cooking grates and have easy access to the fire basket. I have had no problems yet with mine and running out of fuel - but I can easily see doing the extended drum for additional grate space (did about 2/3 of a goat and abt's one day and was pretty packed on one grate).
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