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ok... as simple as this is, i think i'm still getting it wrong... my understanding is that the probe should slide into the flat as easily as it does the point... i always get the "butta" feel on the point and never the flat... i have a strange feeling that i'm not letting it cook long enough. great flavor, lots o' juice, pretty tender, just seems to be a little dry on the flat.

i guess the biggest questions i have are:

is the "butta" feel going to be the same feeling as the point?
how long does it last? (meaning if i check it once an hour after 10 hrs, is there a chance i could miss it and over cook it back to being tough again within that hour to check ?)
do you just "rest" it or "wrap and towel" in a cooler after the "butta" feel (and if you do have to "wrap, towel, and cooler" after the "butta" feel for timing if it finishes earlier than expected, would this affect the meat in any way making it not as tender)?

sorry to being up an old post again for something laid out so simple.
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