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Default Sunday gig

Picked up a gig for this Sunday out in a very nice area. It's annual motorcycle get-together for about 100+ people. Mostly older adults and very few kids or teens. Spoke with the organizer this morning and was informed that I wont be needing my new rig as the really only want breakfast type things as in bacon/sausage and egg or sandwiches then burgers for lunch. There also need to be plenty of tea and coffee.

Now this threw me for a loop but also came with some welcome relief because I was worried about my van pulling the gear up the hill. Cali guys think something like about a third of the cajone pass.

I was told there was going to be no power so I needed to supply my own turns out the will have power for me to use so the rented generator heads back in the morning. I did manage to score on an electric grill that needed some repair and is now a part of my personal gear.

I guess I just wanted to remind those of you that are new to the game like I am to get all the info well ahead of time so you don't trip over you own feet. My day out in the rain trying to fix a mistreated generator was a waste of time but at least I scored a griddle out of it. lol


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