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Originally Posted by h20loo View Post
Sounds like this comes down to how fussy you are. Knowing how black the sides of my drums get I would only wire brush from the grill mounts up and then do a good seasoning but if you think there could be any harmful residue in the barrel well then I would do a real good burn or two also. Get 'er done - the weekend is almost here and its time to make some good eats!!
I actually brushed it out from the mounts up already. I was pretty sure the surface rust wasn't an issue for the majority of the drum, and that people were wire brushing after a burn for lined drums. I'd prefer to do a burn just to "be safe."

I'm thinking I'll do a burn on it this weekend and then season it up. Ideally I'd like it to be done and ready to go for next weekend - having a BBQ on Sunday.

Not sure if I'll get it looking all purty by then, but I'll just explain to my company that it IS an UglyDS...
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