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Originally Posted by The Anchorman View Post
I just don't think there is enough info to determine the price.
What are his costs? How many guests? How many helpers needed?
Losts of variables
The question was what would YOU charge given these specific quantities. Also, how many big eaters would all of this feed?

Originally Posted by OC PIG ASSASSINS View Post
600 onsite roasting
1000 for the pig
1080 for the ribs
900 chicken
350 sides
200 paper goods and misc
Thanks for the breakdown. I think you may be low on the ribs and high on the chicken, but they offset.

Originally Posted by StrikeEagle View Post
We don't do whole hogs. So, I'm curious how much staff you would use for this size gig.
Pig is pretty much set it and forget it. We need a dedicated person to carve so we will do this one with 5, maybe 6 if my knee doesn't improve

Originally Posted by Chuckwagonbbqco View Post
There are variables also---how labor intensive are the side dishes? Is this a buffet line or being served? Is the pig going to be stuffed? How far do you have to travel?
Slaw and beans - 3-4 hours prep at most. A buffet line with service for the initial crush, then self service for stragglers and 2nd helpings. Not stuffed and 20 minute drive.
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