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Originally Posted by Bbq Bubba View Post
Whats the difference? It's all based on how many people your feeding.
The difference is expectations and payment. It's tough to get paid "PP" when the actual count is in excess of the estimate. And, it sucks when a client is expecting to write a 'short check' because people didn't show. (The extra food is still sitting there at the end of the event.)

My general rule is to get paid 50% on booking with the balance at the beginning of 'set up' as this avoids all sorts of complications and payment delays. I personally HATE dealing with payment, or refunds, at the end of a gig. I would MUCH rather end the event on a positive note of everyone having had a GREAT time as we pack up and leave the event site.

For me, this works, but I am ALWAYS interested in how other folks do it, and why.
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