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Default Price by the Gig vs. Per Person

I'm beginning to think that I'm the only one who operates on a 'per gig' basis. So, when I price an event, I do so based on a firm estimate of people to attend given to me by the host or hostess. I work with my clients on an ongoing basis to be sure that we develop a good estimate in the beginning and fix the final 'contract' number with a week to go to the event. Behind the scenes I factor in a 'buffer' to ensure that we can cover a little stretch should extra folks attend, (usually about 5-7%) but if a bunch of extra people show up, we MAY run out of some items. (Note, I've never run out of food, but we did have to get a little creative, once.)

For me, this ensures a KNOWN price for the client, and a KNOWN cost factor for me. Yes, there is a slight risk of coming up long or short of food, but to be honest, I've never been off by too much, and the 'extra' food makes great left-overs for the host/hostess.

Am I alone in using this pricing model?
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