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I try to get a firm count up front and charge accordingly. Most folks don't realize that with regard to the head counts cooking for 75 is the same as cooking for 100 (although prep time is longer). You still spend all day with the event. I try to have a minimum price and I always cook extra. I do this for fun but run it like a business. I try to make that $1000 profit for a days work. If they don't want to pay it, it's probably not worth accepting the job. If you cook good they will always pay it.

This weekend we are doing a gig that at last count had 92 folks, I have a $1500 minimum, My wife and daughter will help and I will probably get 3 or 4 additional gigs out of it. If 120 folks show up, there will be enough food for them. I will spend $500 on food and buy all that will get me. I will do 15 racks ribs, 5 briskets, 5 butts and 8 chickens. I may even do some sausage. I try to do a gourmet bbq and use a lot of unique sauces. Then the customer does not feel like he/she can just go to any old bbq joint and get what I am serving. They will be happy and so will we.

I have everything broken down on a sread sheet, so I know my costs down to a few dollars. If anyone wants a copy, just send me an email.
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