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Originally Posted by sbramm View Post
i ran my newest drum this weekend and the temp just kept climbing on the break in cook. 2 holes with 3/4" nipples and one 1". used the magnet cover mod. have a weber grill lid for the top. used about 20 KF comp briquets for the starter and never got it below 270. every time i opened the lid it just kept climbing.... ribs turned out dry but tasty.

just bought a propane weed burner and gave it a shot at the drum and it was great. coals fired right up and hit 180F and was easy to control to 230F. then closed the intakes and the outlet and it was dead in about 30 minutes.

will use n8's closing the intakes plan going forward. just seems that the drums get some O2 and they take off.
SoEzzy told me a trick bout this. 1 chimney is = to like 300*F
a half chimney is like 250*F
and a 1/4 chimney is around 200-225*

i bet if you find him he will tell you.
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