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so i am planning on firing up my uds for the first real cook. last week i fired it up, and just played with the air, and got a fill for things, then threw a couple fatties/chicken wings on for a few hours.
Now, I got 2 butts going on, gonna make my famous, award winning tamales .

Until now, i always used my ecb, and have made some good stuff. I know the characteristics of that thing like the back of my hand, on account of using it for 10 years now. since this is my first big thing on the usd, im a little apprehensive/excited.

I've always been a mop every hour kind of guy. but i think i am gonna skip this on account of the temp spike when i lifted the lid on the uds. Also, i am gonna try to wrap in butcher paper instead of foil, on account of i am almost out of foil, but have mucho paper on hand, and in this economy, don't want to spend any money.

At any rate, this is just my presmoke ramblings. I plan on taking bunch of notes and pics. so stay tuned
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