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Originally Posted by JTank70 View Post
Well My UDS is finally done!

Finished it yesterday.

I Had to wait 2 weeks after getting the barrel to burn it due to Fire danger being class 4 or 5 for those 2 weeks. (just my luck)
Once I got it burned out things went a little better but man barrel cleaning/brushing is tough, hard work.

I used a vent cap on the exhaust and an old metal drawer knob on the lid. I use the knob to pop the lid loose and then grab the lid by the exhaust and the cap allows the lid to hang nicely on the side of the drum.

Other build notes include two ¾” intakes with brass nipples/caps. One 1” intake with 18” riser and ball valve. Stainless steel bolts for the grate to sit upon with chrome nuts on the outside. Painted with the standard flat black hi-temp grill paint.

I oiled her up with pam and put the heat to her. She is seasoning nicely. It was windy yesterday but I caught the temps on the way up and she did good in the 240* to 255* range for about 3 hours steady. Then I opened up all the vents to see what she could do and it seemed to level out and hover right around 300*. All in all she ran for about 5 hours. When I shut her down she was stone cold in less than an hour.

Can’t wait to cook on it! It’s chicken thighs, drums and a fatty for mothers day!!! It’s gonna be rainy and windy here. (again, just my luck)

I am posting another thread in a little bit with a few questions on the cook. Swing by there and lend a brother a hand with his first smoke ever. I will be posting that one after I do a few things for mother JTank.

Thanks to everyone here for the “Bible” and all the Ideas in it. Special mention to Barbarian for help on my Charcoal Basket. And to h20loo for The advice on going up a size for an intake with a riser.

Heres the pics to prove it really happened!!

Congrats Tank!
Really looks good!
Hope it works as well as it looks good....probably is!
Hopefully I have both of my drums ready by beginnig next month.
I have that date set because it's my birthday then.
Wanna have a big food pron party on!
Here are some pics of yesterday were we cut the barrels open.


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