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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Weiser View Post
A Door in a UDS is no longer a UDS.
Forget that crap and follow the instructions.
Otherwise go build whatever ya want.
It won't be a UDS. You'll have to come up with a new name
for the contraption.


Dave, this is in no way directed at you. I agree with ya.
Whoa Pilgrim,
I am very knowledgeable about the type of drum smoker I build. I have made changes, some work work some don't. Won't call myself an expert but willing to share my knowledge. What exactly is a UDS? It is a culmination of ideas that has been shared on this forum. Some have doors, hatches, pans, box's, baskets. Truth be known a UDS like Moink is Brethren birthed term. You will see it on many forums, blogs, articles. The first few UDS's were by Model Maker, Big Mista, and others. JGH 1204 cioned the phrase. To me an Ugly Drum Smoker is a homemade cooker made from a drum period.

Truth be known what most pigeonhole as a true UDS is actually a BDS clone, some modified some not. To jump on the band wagon and chastise someone for posting an idea in this thread is wrong. It is what it is because of ideas people contributed along the road. Although long, it is worth the read. It helps one understand what ideas have been tried and what the posters results were. Long time posters in the thread (including myself) get a little testy when every 3 weeks the same stuff comes up. It is pretty evident that they didn't put in the time to read the thread because the same stuff gets rehashed over and over. In my advice I have given is always build a simple one, get cooking on it, eat some great BBQ and build another and out cool everyone on that drum. Pass your basic drum on to another friend and spread the love of BBQ.

Low and Slow.....

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