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Default Hey everyone !!!!

Hello !!! Thank you for the welcoming to this neat little site you have here... I have always been a fan of barbeque.I love to grill out , but now I am at that stage in my life where I want to kick things up a notch... lol. I was informed of your site by my father who has a weber bullet...He told me about the "UDS" and I was like "man what a cool thing to do...." I love tinkering with things and I figure this is what I want to build so I can make excellent tasting food, in a cool contraption that I will be making myself.... I look forward to chatting with other members, so I can get helpful tips, or possibly when I get my feet wet a little start giving out pointers to others myself.. DO NOT worry about me spammin or putting out undesirable things out here....The only thing bad I might post is a picture of some burnt food, but then no one would want to be a friend of mine...LOL So I will learn from people on here so that will not happen.... Thanks again ..Looking forward to picking up things here, so I can call myself "MASTER SMOKER DUDE"... .....Jer
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