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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
So anyone contemplating building a UDS should first determine what primary fuel source they intend to use. If its charcoal briquettes, then NORCO's guide is a vewry good resource. HOwever, if it's wood, then I suggest you consider my approach.
Like I said . . . reinventing the wheel. How are you going to get back in there to reload the wood? And having to reload all the time thoughout say a 17 hour brisket smoke is really going to be a pain.

I'm not knocking you, brother, truly I am not. Just trying to save you some frustration.

Originally Posted by LT72884 View Post
Problem, im not going to read threw 3000+ posts to figure out the basic uds build.
Read this.

All you need to know to build it.

THIS thread is what I would call "drum theory". It is a very worthwhile read. Yes it does take a long time but then so does smoking a brisket. Both are worth the time spent.

And yes, you can grill with these thin

UDS 1.0a
Brinkmann Smoke 'N Pit with Afterburner
Charbroil Masterflame
Maverick ET-73
Taylor 1470 Digital Thermometers
Taylor 9842 Instant Read Thermometer
[COLOR=blue]Blue[/COLOR] Thermapen
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