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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
Hey Phubar,
Here are my intakes. I made the back on a bit taller so it would be easier to get to since I have a table close by and cannot walk around the drum. The front one is a bit shorter and the other two are down at the bottom but are only open for about 5 minutes when I fire the drum up, then they are shut down. On the tall ones I use a magnet to adjust the air.

I like the 2" exhaust. It works great since I have a airtight drum now. I use a tin can to put over the exhaust to slow it down before turning the meat and to shut it down after the cook.

Not quite sure what your pic shows, maybe another one later will help. Good luck with the build.
Thanx again Barbie!

I'm now at a point that I just have to build this thing and worry about the customizing later.
Probably I'll stick with my first ideas,most of the times those are the best decissions.
The Weber exhaust,3 air intakes with 1 vertical pipe plus ball valve will do?
Think that's one of my most important questions,the air intake and exhaust ratio.
I found it earlier on page 54 somewhere.
Sorry about the bad picture earlier,I took it with my cell phone as you can see,hopefully this pic will help.
It shows how I'm using the inside of the lid as a template for bending the rod for the upper lip of the charcoal drum/basket.
Thanks for your support broer/brother!

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