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Originally Posted by DDave View Post
No offense, but I'll never understand why people insist on trying to reinvent the wheel or build the better mousetrap. I mean, I'm all for customization and individuality but the "basic" UDS design as explained in this thread and Norco's build thread is a pretty damn good smoker.

All the same, have fun with your build.

But trust these guys. They know what they are talking about.

Problem, im not going to read threw 3000+ posts to figure out the basic uds build. Im not going ball valves cuz i need to save money. Im going like the BDS style so if 6 is to many then how bout 4 intakes evenly spaced? If I REALLY need the ball valve then maybe ill go that way but if the BDS can get away with out it then so can i. lol.. can you grill with these things
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