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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
Hey Phubar,
Here are the three lids I have.

The first one has a rod welded around the edge and a flat bar welded to the rod as a lip. It was only spot welded so I used high temp sealant to stop it from leaking. It turned out a bit heavy with the rod and the flat bar being added, but works fine and give me plenty of room on the top grate.

The second is a shorter one where I took a lid and cut the center out and welded it to a 6" bottom of a donor drum.

The third is just a lid. I use it only when cooking on the lower grate.

The fourth pic is a buddies drum where he cut the lip off to be able to use a weber lid. And you can see where the stuff runs. I am to anal to deal with that way of doing things, lol. I would be rubbing up against it and getting pissed.
Here is the pic I was telling you about.
How does the vertical air intake work for you?
I wanted to use a pipe with diameter 2,5cm/1".
I want to have something like that but today I read something about guys complaining that it was hard to control the heat.
The guys who had a bigger air intake had no problem as far as I can remember.
I remember that I saw somebody (think Norco) who had the ball valve on the bottom of the barrel but had a rod attached to it that went up so that you don't have to bend down to control the valve.
Probably I'll go with that idea,just have to find it!

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