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Originally Posted by DDave View Post
No offense, but I'll never understand why people insist on trying to reinvent the wheel or build the better mousetrap. I mean, I'm all for customization and individuality but the "basic" UDS design as explained in this thread and Norco's build thread is a pretty damn good smoker.

All the same, have fun with your build.

But trust these guys. They know what they are talking about.

Dave: In as far as the primary fuel is charcoal briquettes, the "basic" UDS design, whose purpose is to approximate "set it and forget it" (RONCO) technology, you are correct. If you want to power your UDS primarily by wood sticks, a very different approach is called for.

So anyone contemplating building a UDS should first determine what primary fuel source they intend to use. If its charcoal briquettes, then NORCO's guide is a vewry good resource. HOwever, if it's wood, then I suggest you consider my approach.
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