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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Barbarian View Post
Hey Phubar,
Here are the three lids I have.

The first one has a rod welded around the edge and a flat bar welded to the rod as a lip. It was only spot welded so I used high temp sealant to stop it from leaking. It turned out a bit heavy with the rod and the flat bar being added, but works fine and give me plenty of room on the top grate.

The second is a shorter one where I took a lid and cut the center out and welded it to a 6" bottom of a donor drum.

The third is just a lid. I use it only when cooking on the lower grate.

The fourth pic is a buddies drum where he cut the lip off to be able to use a weber lid. And you can see where the stuff runs. I am to anal to deal with that way of doing things, lol. I would be rubbing up against it and getting pissed.

Thanx for the pics and info Barbarian!
Yesterday I came up with a similar idea of your first picture.
I used the lid as sort of template and bended the rod on the inside of it.
Looks great allready,I think I won't be able to get it all the way round so maybe I'm gotta cut in in half.
I don't have the tools at home and skillz,you wil see that in the pictures later on when I get home.
Right now it looks real redneck-ish,it's hold together with some rope and ductape!
By the the looks of your friends drum!
Funny to know that is your friend,the last couple of weeks I've been showing people this pic as an example for an UDS....and this qualifies definitly as an UDS!
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