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I doubt that I would pull down the local catering businesses by under charging for this gig. It really underminds a good industry when you do it on the cheap...... unless it is for the church.... haha

That said, do it and you will realize what a big mistake it is for that amount of work you will encounter..... and you will never make that mistake again.... do you think the lesson is worth $100 profit?

Just go to the duckybob website and you can get prices on what it costs to rent a cooker for one day.... I learned from another caterer that you should always factor in $100-$150 for each job to cover wear and tear on your pit.

That will be a full day and then some of work for that job. What is your time worth? At the very least you need to figure out the cost and then add the desired profit. Then if you haven't done this before, bump up your cost about 25%. I try for $1000 per day if I am required to be there and serve (entertain).

One option you should consider......

Whenever I have a catering job, I will call a few regular customers and see if they need some food as well. Two weeks ago, I got a drop off job (50 people $500 profit) then I made some calls and got two more jobs for that same day, both drop off. One 20 people and the other 30 people. It got me almost to my $1000 profit for the day. Well that is technically a lie because one job (30 people) was a freebie since my wife was hosting a baby shower and I want to keep my head.... The point is, you can literally make something from nothing with a little drive.

I only do a few jobs per month and this works for me.
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