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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by ytsejam View Post
It just rests on top. I flattened the rim of the lid out to rest on top of the drum.

I got the temp down to 250, then opened one air vent about 1/8 of an inch, and left for 3 hours. when i got back it was at 275.
I just but some MOINK balls, and some chicken lolly pops on. and going to get a couple fattys on in about 30 mins. so we will see what that does to the temp
I hope it works for you.
So far I have had no trouble with the lid-drum problem,in fact it fits perfect.
I've scored a 2nd hand Weber 22,5" and a 55 gallon drum and the lid goes smoothly over the lip roll.
I have to say that I still didn't do anything with it yet accept cleaned it from the outside and gathered some more data.
Probably 'cause there is so much info spread around here!
Today I made a really good score,I'll post some pics in a lil while.

Some comment from a new guy with no experience at all.
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