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Default Can I make money as a BBQ vendor?

I think I'm about to lose my job. I work from home as a computer programmer. But my work-from-home has been cancelled. I am to report to a job 6 hours away. My wife of 19 years can't come because of her elderly parents. We tried it once for a bout 6 months and I realized it sucked. That's when they offered me WFH. I jumped at it. Now, after 6 months it's being cancelled because of a bad review. The first bad review I have ever had in 26 years of programming. Anyway, I'm not going back and I have to do something. Programming jobs here are for the young kids and I really don't want to report to anyone else. I want to make a living selling BBQ and fried rice.

Can it be done? I am taking a Small Business workshop in a couple of weeks. Anybody have anymore suggestions.

Wish me luck!!!
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