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Originally Posted by watg? View Post
I have a techno cook question, Alton Brown where are you?
What make a brisket come out dry, not moist, when sliced? Good flavor, tenderness, texture, just dry. Is it over cooked, under cooked, rested too long, not long enough? Is it something that can be avoided or is just the luck of the draw, win some, loose some, dependent on the cut you are working with.
Are we talking about a brisket flats or whole packers? No one brisket is the same. Results are dependent on many factors such as: fat content, cooking temperatures, and knowing when a brisket is done, after all a brisket is done when it's done. If you pull it too soon, its going to be tuff. If you pull it too late its going to be dry. Resting times are important, but knowing when to rest the finished product is the challenge-after all a brisket is done when a brisket is done...
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