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I wanted to share this with you guys, a very good friend of mine composed this. This is how I spent the weekend in Huntsville. I had a BLAST!!!

It was a decent Friday night
I was feeling no shame
until I met Amanda, Elizabeth,
Chris and James

Let me start at the beginning
we all got there on time
partying, cooking & socializing
at Whistle Stop '09

I knew James from Lula
he is fun, reserved and quiet
but then came along Sweet Rack BBQ team
and it became quite a riot!

Elizabeth was shy
kind of quiet and polite
but after a while
I knew she'd last all night!

Now Chris and Amanda
that's a different show
they're outspoken,
come rain or tornados, they put on a show!

And they have a cooker
that is fire on wheels
but slam your hand in there once
and you'll cry, curse and squeel!

They also have Bella
their sweet, sweet dog
if you give her some Haaaaaay
she'll sleep like a log

We had a low country boil
early Friday night
with shrimp, corn and crab
yeah, it was right.

After a few beers
we called it a day
after all we had to compete
at the bbq on the 2nd of May

We woke up and cooked,
we ran and turned in
we finished, had more beer
and hoped for a win!

We drug the beer cooler to awards
then had some shooters
all the while
Amanda just wanted to go to Hooters

There was a call on stage
it was a 7th in pork
Get Your Rub On BBQ
won money for their heaven on a fork

After awards
everyone had a buzz
that's when Chris decided
to mud wrestle his cuzz

He actually got Amanda first
and she was a good sport
but she wasn't going to be the only
girl in the mud court

Then went Elizabeth
Oh, the pictures that were taken
if I only had a clue
the plans they were making

I don't know what happened
I was sitting all alone
next thing I was screaming
"Mom, come get my phone!"

That's right, we were out there
with tornado sirens and rain
wrestling for our lives
and enjoying the pain

At one moment I remember
all of us laying on the ground
laughing and being so happy
we didn't know anyone was even around!

We got up, took pictures
and loved on each other
we still had no pain
and felt like sisters and brothers

At the end of the mud "rasslin
we all figured out
that life is too short
to not play in the rain, scream and shout!

I love all of you
you have a place in my heart
we are now a BBQ family
and we'll never part

We then went to the shower
and sang "Cry" in the rain
while we were all muddy
STILL feeling no pain

It was tag-team showers
boy were we quick
we made it out of the hotel
even with Bella-we were slick

Then came Hardees
the burgers were our saving grace
then back to the cook off
to pick up our pace

We saw Charlie Daniels
and danced in the rain
we argued with cops, drank more beer
you got it right, still no pain

After a long night
we finally chilled out
sat around, had drinks
and had no doubts

That this was a weekend
where we loved to live
new friends, new family
and gave all we had to give

They always say
to live life like you'll die tomorrow
well if we had of died
it would have been happy with no sorrow

Whistle Stop '09
oh, what a trip!
New friends, maybe new enemies
but we don't give a flip!

Sunday morning came
with no beer, music, or shame
we were left with bruises, cuts
and yes, a WHOLE LOT OF PAIN!

The forever wild friends
James Stephens
Extreme BBQ Trailers
Cordova, TN.
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