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Originally Posted by Phlytyer View Post
  1. about what size is recommended for Moink Balls?
  2. about how long in the smoker at what temp?
  3. no herbage?...veggies?...etc.?
Recipe must be in restricted section so I must post something to gain access...

Now, my 2 cents about what meat should be in a Moink...any good meatball mixture should be acceptable. SWMBO makes some wonderful mushroom meatballs that I think would be excellent candidates for this application.

Make all the bacon wrapped meatballs you'd like from whatever meatballs you choose. They just aren't world famous, loved by many MOINK Balls.

Take one pre-cooked, frozen (but thawed) meatball
Wrap with 1/2 slice of bacon
Rub with your favorite rub
Smoke in your smoker for about 90 minutes at 225 degrees
Glaze or sauce if you so desire.

Eat and enjoy...

Since coming up with this little treat last summer I have been amazed at the discussions that keep coming up about a stupid appetizer.

Why is it necessary to change something? Why is it necessary to call something that's not a MOINK Ball a MOINK Ball.

If I make Osso Bucco but use a different meat other than veal it's not Osso Bucco. Some people might call it Osso Bucco, but it's not.

There's a history to the MOINK Ball. A history of one of the best weekends I've ever spent with some dear, dear friends. I guess in my somewhat warped mind, when you want to mess with MOINK Balls, you are messing with that memory.

Some have accused me of being a little overly sensitive when it comes to MOINK Balls and maybe I am, but I came up with these appetizers for the wedding of the daughter of some special family friends and named it in memory of an event with some of my favorite BBQ friends. So, yeah I guess I am senstive about it.

Do what you want with the recipe, just don't call it MOINK.

Okay, rant over. That's just a tad too serious for first thing in the morning...

I am no longer bite me Shane.

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