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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
Does the butcher paper act like a blotter and absorb the juices thus drying the meat out more? Or does the breathability or the paper make it so no juices want to come out?

I know some people even go so far as to wrap with saran wrap before they foil to rest the meat in order to prevent moisture loss, so the blotter issue seems to come into play.
I think the breathability is the key thing here. The meat and bark does not sit and steam and get mushy.

Quoting from the book Extreme BBQ and the guy who uses this butcher paper method, Bruce Schatte says "Foil seals the steam inside and boils the briskett, and it's like mush. The paper breathes, and it doesn't trap all the hot steam and oil. It help you not ruin a $25 to $30 piece of meat."

So I think the paper must help keep the juices and flavor in. I am not sure about the cooling process as far as leaving in the paper only or if it might help in cleanup if you foiled over the paper. I don't think it would steam since it would not be heated from the fire.

Also he says to use a 6' piece of paper and wrap it tightly. So that would mean it is getting at least a double or triple layer of paper. I don't think I did that when I used paper, I think mine was only about 3' long. Gonna try more paper next time, 1000' will last me awhile, lol.

I have used paper on ribs instead of foiling also and they came out pretty darn good.
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