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No tape Meat and it is just fine going from the smoker to the cooler.
It really does work and yes, it does steam to a point.
It is a neat technique and one worth trying. If you don't want
to rush out to purchase a roll of Red paper, try a brown grocery bag.
Same results, but remember to wrap it tight.


Originally Posted by Meat Burner View Post
Been reading this thread and just want to make sure I understand. This is a new technique for me. One way would be to wrap the brisket in butchers paper instead of foil and put back on the smoker. Right? So the butchers paper won't turn to dust and stick to the meat but somewhat, somehow, kind of, sorta, steams the meat? Do you keep it in the butchers paper if you put in the cooler to rest? This may sound like I am a little confused because I am a little confused. Thanks brethren.
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