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Originally Posted by Merl View Post
I am surprised with this. You have been provided more information than most, (or so I have been told.) Yet you want to bait this issue. You well know as was stated before, I cannot disclaim any IP on behalf of KCBS.

You also know that we would be sued for discussing a personnel matter.

So I guess you got me. I will not be responding to your question at this time.

Uhhhhhh, what are you talking about? I haven't asked for any information about personal matters or personnel issues.

The only area that I was asking about were the issues regarding the IP's. I have absolutely NO information about this from any source, regardless of what you have been told.

I understand your inability to give a categorical list of the things that are covered (as others have brought up that any slip-up not mentioning something that you should have would open up a can of worms later), but I was hopeful that you could say 'yes' or 'no' to the direct questions asked.

I'm not trying to 'bait' any issue and I sort of resent the claim that I am. I believe that the questions asked are eminently reasonable for any event organizer that wishes to avoid conflicts with the KCBS and not only do I believe that this is the right place to post those questions, I was directed here by a moderator.

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