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Originally Posted by Chenernator View Post
If you're only going for one grate, the 24" is easy to do, but if you want two grates, then you may have to fudge it.

He can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Norcoredneck measures 8" down from the top of the barrel for his lower grate. If the barrel is 33 1/2" tall (like mine), then the grate is 25 1/2" above the bottom of the barrel. If your charcoal basket is 2-3" above the bottom, then the grate is 22 1/2" - 23 1/2" above the basket. Also, the bottom of the barrel is not as low as the rim of the barrel, which is where many people measure from. Net result - it seems that there is some leeway in where you put the grate.
yeah on mine i just measured 27" from the bottom for the 1st grate and then just put the 2nd grate at the very top. that left me about 5.5" between the grates...
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