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This is an intelligent response. I was thinking along the lines of :

KCBS, what a bunch of Farking Morons with this crap...

but alas, I have changed over to a new leaf and have decided not to comment at all. Especially on number 2, 3, 5 and 8. In fact I laugh so hard at 2 AND 5 i have to reach for my inhaler.

So no, you won't here me voicing my opinion as an EX KCBS member from 1996... noooooooo way.

I will say that I think they should own the Kansas City Style... someone has to claim responsibility.

Originally Posted by timzcardz View Post
1) Olympics better look out! Don't they use 6 judges in Gymnastics?

2) Every BBQ restaurant across the nation is now getting nervous. Don't they all have "Categories of Chicken, Ribs, Pork and Brisket."

3) Of course KCBS is the only organization that can license judging by "Taste, Texture and Appearance." If you want to have any type of food competition, your judges may not see, feel or taste the food. I just set up a competition where the only judging criteria is Smell, and that is now my I.P., so if you want a competition, you better hurry while sound is still avaialble!

4) Sorry, but using random selection the odds of coming up with the same order are 24 to 1. Very doable. Give me a combination and order that is at least a million to 1 and we can start talking about it.

5) I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that KCBS didn't invent time measuring, so I would love to see the court testimony on this one.

6) There may be something to "Kansas City Style." I can honestly say that I have never heard a MLB team say that they were playing a "Kansas City Style" of Basbeball. Maybe because it's protected? [For entertainmnet value only. No offense is intended towards Kansas City Royals fans. They're off to a decent start this season and I wish them the best.]

7) There may be something legitimate to a claim about their weighting system. Unless of course they took it from somewhere else.

8 ) A scoring system of 1 to 9? Yeah, like that's never done before!
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