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Originally Posted by jason View Post
The site where the spreadsheet is blocked for me. You could try OpenOffice. It's a free Office alternative.

Anyways, I believe that I read that a good serving size was about 1/4 - 1/3 pound of meat.

Assuming 1/4 pound, you'll need 250lbs of cooked pork/brisket.

Assuming 1/3 pound, you'll need 334lbs of cooked pork/brisket.

IIRC, pork butts lose about 50% of their weight, so you'd need 500lbs of pork for 1/4lb servings and 668lbs for 1/3lb servings.

Brisket the math gets a little harder. IIRC, Briskets lose about 40% of their weight, so you need 416lbs for 1/4lb servings and 556lbs for 1/3lbs servings.

My math may be off, so double check it.

Thanks for that this is what I paid today....

5.035kg= 11.1 pounds

Brisket is 4.75 so I may stick with pork.

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