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So i started my usd in the fall. i got the barrel, burned it, wire brushed it, took it to the car wash, rubbed it down with manteca, and drilled 3 intake holes. then found a cheep 22.5 inch weberlike grill at walmart on clearance for 20 bucks. This was all in sept/oct. it has been sitting in the back yard unfinished since.
so yesterday i decided to get back after it. suprisingly there was very little rust in the inside of the barrel. the outside is rusted pretty good.

I am a cheapguy, so i decided to try to use the weberlike bottom for my charcoal pan. I cut it with tin snips, so it will fit inside the drum. i drilled about 10 or so 7/8 inch holes in it, and a whole bunch of 1/4 inch holes. then i mounted it to a round cookie sheet/pizza pan thingy(to catch the ashes). Right now it sits about 3.5 inches above the bottom of the drum. but it is mounted with all thread, so i could lower it or raise it if need be.
I had it all planned out 7 months ago, but i can't remember how high i should mount the grill above the fire basket.
I remember it was pretty close to the top, but having trouble remembering if there was general consensus as to how far up from the charcoal it should be.
So how far should i be up?

Once i mount this grill, it will be ready to go, except for a paint job :)
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