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FYI... to all..

The recipe section is open to registered members(no subscriptions necessary). The only reason the menu option does what it does, is that each time I open it up, spammers start attacking it with recipes for viagra, mortgages, cell phones and pharmaceuticals. It only takes a simple request to an admin or mod(or another member who has it) to get the link. It will also show up based on a very low post count as a notice box on top of the forum. When u get it, bookmark it. The notice box disappears at 35 posts so you're not staring at it forever.

The message stats NOT to publicly request the link. Some folks seem to miss that sentence. So, if anyone sees another member request the link(obviously they are registered since they are posting), please feel free to PM them the link to the recipes section.

Also, for simplicity, the recipe link is listed in the subscribers information forum(Inception of the Brethren). So any subscriber can find and send that link out to someone requesting it.

Clear as mud?
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