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I don't believe that they would ever disclaim ownership of intellectual rights to anything if asked, for to do so would forever preclude them, or any rights owner, from ever claiming intellectual rights over the property.

The standard is to claim the right and demand discontinuance of the alleged infringing use, and then follow through with the legal system filing a law suit if the alleged infringing use persists.

As the accused of the infringing use, one would have the option to cease the alleged infringing use or fight it in court.

Just because one alleges infringement doesn't make it so. But to acknowledge that any single particulr thing was not infringing would be foolhardy at best.

In short, I don't believe that you or anyone else will get answers to those questions unless something finally ends up in court and a judge decides. That is not likely though, for the potential for loss is a big risk for the property rights owner who will most likely prevail through intimidation or reach a very specific settlement without the court making a precedent setting decision.
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